Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Ball War

Honestly, this whole who owns the world series ball is so pathetic. Since when did we start trusting what Shaughnessy says? The curse wasn't real...we all know that, although it is kind of fun to refer to "the curse" and buy t-shirts talking about the curse, it's not real. Shaughnessy just took events, re-scripted them, and twisted it to fit something that wasn't true. Now all of a sudden we are believing everything that he wrote about in the "interview" with Mientkiewicz. Doug later said that they were joking around about the ball, and that's how he expected the article to be written, but once again Shaughnessy twisted what actually happened to fit a story. Such is journalism, but this NEEDS to stop being talked about. I mean honestly, Doug said that he wants the people to be able to see the ball, but it is his own decision to make, and we need to stop making that front page news.

So Shea Hillenbrand is being traded to the Blue Jays - meaning we'll see him 19 times this season. Should be interesting to see how he does against his former team. I am extremely happy with Mueller at 3rd...and youk as a back up...i just wish we could have gotten someone better than Kim, but that's an entirely different story.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Pokey is gone, Life can go on

Pokey Reese was a decent player when he actually played in games this season. He made that amazing catch which ended up putting him on the DL for a short time because he injured his toe in that extremely high jump. I remember Francona saying that he didn't even see it while it was happening, because he was sure the hit was going to be a base hit. The problem comes with how often Pokey was injured over the season. Sure he was a fan favorite, and sure he played great defense and had a decent bat, but there isnt going to be the hard decision of who to play, bellhorn or pokey. Pokey signed with Seattle for one year, and I'm sure he's going to miss the Boston atmosphere, but life will definitely go on without Pokey. I will miss him, but it is not a huge loss by any sense.

I was reading the mail in Sports Illustrated regarding the sportsmen of the year, and it was amazing to me how Yankees fans still can't shut up. One commented "Wow. SI selected a team that won one championship in 86 years as its Sportsmen of the Year. Imagine what you'd do if a team ever won 26 championships in 86 years?" That comment just straight up pissed me off. The arrogance absolutely astounds me. Only a very small handful of the winning team from 2000 has remained. From memory, they would be Posada, Jeter, the Moose, Rivera, and maybe one or two others that I missed. They have nothing to be proud of. Their owner is a selfish guy who will fire most of his staff if the dont win a world series. He is willing to pay enormous amounts of money for guys on steriods, and any guy that doesn't help to bring a world series, he trades. The guys on the team don't have a deep bond which is obvious. If one of them got married, you'd only expect to see maybe his best friend on the team, and possibly one other guy. Damon got married DURING THE OFF SEASON and a LOT of guys still showed up including bench players such as Youkilis.

Time for me to go back to reading my Sports Illustrated. Until next time,

The Red Sox Girl

Saturday, January 01, 2005


So yeah, its the first day of the new year, and while 2004 sucked for me personally, it was definitely an amazing year as a sox fan. I mean who can honestly complain? I got everything that I asked for, including varitek coming back and being named team captain. before the 2004 season, we got two key pieces that we were missing in foulke and schil, and while we didn't play great ball most of the first half, that pretty much changed. i have absolutely nothing to complain about though. sure we could say the bad parts of the team...maybe what players we didnt need...but come on. thats nitpicking and i dont want to do that.


so everyone just needs to stop, remember that, and smile.

Time to go to bed as I am dead tired. Until next time,

The Red Sox Girl

Thursday, December 30, 2004

RJ finally to the Yankees

So RJ finally went to the Yankees, and we can finally stop hearing all the rumors, and all the complaining by the players, etc. In was such a stupid trade though because Randy Johnson isn't going to last that many more years. He's 41 years old already....that's ancient for a baseball player. The Yankees, of course, traded two of their remaining prospects and also javier (cant spell his last name), along with cash. Is it REALLY worth it not to have ANY prospects in your system? It makes trades a lot harder because OTHER teams realize that prospects are important for the future of their club, and prospects make trades happen. The yankees don't seem to realize this, which really sucks for them. Finally I will stop hearing about this trade, and I am looking forward to seeing how this trade worked out. Maybe RJ really will work out for them and be a good pitcher, but who really knows.

I'm sick of hearing about everything Randy Johnson and seeing everything on the news be about him. Someone I know found an article basically saying that they have become the New York Rangers....spend money on stupid players. I miss hockey. I never realized just how bad the offseason is until I had nothing else to watch. Well, I guess basketball has become the new hockey with the fights.

Time to go back to watching Beethoven on TV and eating dinner. Until next time,

The Red Sox Girl

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Long time no...nothing

Well there hasn't been any news for the Sox lately, however talks between Randy Johnson and the Yankees have opened again. I know Schilling might not be ready for opening day, but hopefully he and RJ will be matched up for one of the 19 meetings between the Sox and the Yankees. Im sure they will both be respectful towards each other, but who will win the battle of the aces? Who knows.

Another matchup I would have loved to see happen would be Mets/Red Sox, however that's not in the schedule for this upcoming season. I would love to see Pedro face us, and for him to be clobbered. Next best thing though, will be seeing him play against the Yankees. My dad said a couple of days ago that it seems like the Mets are trying to build the Sox...he had thought Cabrera was going to be a Mets player, and there are continuous rumors that Manny might be traded to the Mets, however we all know how trade rumors go involving Manny....absolutely nowhere. The Mets really wanted Pedro, as they don't really have an ace like we do, and they are willing to pay a lot of money for an ace, just like we were willing to pay a lot of money to retain our starting catcher because while we do have Mirabelli, he's a backup, not a starter for our team.

Time for me to go back to watching Casper. Until next time,

The Red Sox Girl

Sunday, December 26, 2004

mueller, millar, miller

Many people are saying that we are done in free agency, and we have everyone we need. As I look at the goals that we set for the offseason, we got pretty much everything we wanted, but not with the people we wanted. Before the 2004 season, people were talking about the "big 4" meaning Varitek, Lowe, Martinez, and Garciaparra. At the end of July, we traded Nomar to the Cubs, and got Cabrera and Mientkiewicz (and Roberts during the same trade deadline). People doubted Theo's decision, but in the end, it was by far the right move. I listed to a lot of sports radio shows, mostly on WEEI, but also on other channels, and the talk was that we'd be able to keep 2 of the big 4, which to me seemed too few. I didn't feel the team could be complete without them. Most people I knew all agreed that varitek was the number 1, and luckily, we were able to keep him. Pedro went to the Mets, and not quietly. He wanted more respect....apparently respect comes in dollar bills, not in how you act. Derek Lowe was a pitcher you didn't know if you could count on or not it turns out in the end. Sure, he saved our butts many times, and as we all know, clinched the three series ending games. But when it came down to it, you didn't always know if the bullpen was going to have to come in early or not.

In terms of pitching, we needed starters to replace the ones that were leaving us, and got that in Wells, Clement, and Miller . As a shortstop, it seemed as if Cabrera was a good fit, but we got Renteria instead. We unfortunately lost Kapler and Roberts, one to Japan and one to the Padres. They were two outfielders who were amazing backups, and would be amazing starters if we didnt have the current outfield. In return, we got a "speedy outfielder" for far less money, and also another infielder, like we need any others.

First base though, is still the issue. Both players are great. Millar is much better offensively than Mientkiewicz, but Mientkiewicz is far superior defensively. Millar is a big part of the 2003 and 2004 seasons...Mientkiewicz just joined us. Neither one of them is willing to work tandem or be a backup, and neither of them were up for free agency, so a trade might still be in the works.

All in all though, this offseason has turned into a decent one, with a lot of unexpected twists. 2005 is definitely going to be a roller coaster...hang on tight.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Varitek is team captain

In possibly the best move that the Sox have ever made besides acquiring him and lowe from seattle for heathcliff, the Sox re-signed Varitek for 4 Years $40 million and also named him team captain. In showing the jersey to Varitek, you can see the C on the jersey which stands for captain.

Everyone on the team knows that Varitek has been the unofficial captain for a long time, and its just about time that the management did something about it. Many people point to July 24th when he defended Arroyo in front of A-Fraud, i mean A-Rod, however that was not the only team where he really stood up for his teammates. He always talks glowingly about everyone on his team. He is still friends with Nomar, and is friends with absolutely everyone on the team. While he may not be AMAZING at catching runners stealing, and might not have the best batting average, he is a leader on and off the field. I am so happy that Varitek was named team captain. He really does deserve it.